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Antea, class 1988, Environmental Technician and Educator. She obtained the European Qualification of Environmental Excursion Guide after a challenging selective course organized by the Emilia Romagna Italian region. Antea is a member of the Italian Association of Environmental Excursion Guides (AIGAE). The members of AIGAE Association are all insured in order to guarantee the best performance for the people, according to the Italian Law: Regional Law -N.4 del 1/2/2000. The guides participate every years to a series of upgrading courses and specialization events. Antea, thanks to her background, is specialized in different environmental and naturalistic topics in the territory where she lives and works. She passionates also on transversal knowledge fields of history, paleontology and traditions.

An entire life between Alps and Apennines. Despite she currently lives in Parma (Emilia-Romagna), her roots are strongly based in a small town within the Swiss Prealps (Italian border of the Lake Lugano). During her academic period she experienced a year in Liguria and, after that, an entire year in Barcelona (Spain). In Spain Antea was involved in an European Project on World Climate Change effects in places without the presence of Human activities.

Antea practices Historical Archery, and she is also involved in Historical commemoration of the middle-age period in Parma. She had a strong experience as Scout, and as event organizer for children and families. Antea tries every day to transform her knowledge and her passions into a Professional job.



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